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Sustainable production

Henriette Øst Hansen continuously monitors the development of production methods and the possibilities for environmental optimization without compromising the quality.

In addition, H.Ø.H shoes are produced in Italy to ensure the highest quality products, and that the creation has taken place under EU regulated environment and working conditions. The short distance to Italy releases a smaller CO2 consumption than for instance the production in the East.

Most components for the shoes and the shoes themselves are produced locally in Tuscany, but most of the leather is produced near Milan where a small group of factories have joined together and made a water purification plant. It functions as a closed system between the factories, they purify the water and then send it back to the factory, so the water can be recycled to the next dye of e.g. the leather.

H.Ø.H works with the term Slow Fashion. Slow fashion focuses on quality products with a long lifespan. It is not designed after a seasonal trend, it’s designed with a more sustainable principle, where you use time on product development and focuses on quality rather than quantity.


Sustainable design

 “I do not design based on trend but strive for timeless elegance, I gain inspiration from art, history and nature and primarily use my intuition and color scheme for the selection of designs, materials and colors. It creates the most unique and interesting shoes “


Idea development is made by topics and design development focuses on timeless elegance, individuality and functionality. It is on purpose that Henriette Øst Hansen does not follow the fashion industry’s traditional seasons and trends. She wants to make small individual collections that can be produced when they are processed and thoroughly worked through. Collections that stand out with their timeless and individualistic look compared to the mass market trend-based fashion universe, where products are out of fashion before the end of the season and ending their life in a retail basket to make room for the next trend.

At Henriette Øst Hansen the design extends the life of the product because the design is thoroughly thought through.


Sustainable consumption


Henriette Øst Hansen’s best advice to sustainable consumption.

Look at the design of the product, can you see yourself in the product in 2 years? How is the quality? What is it made of and where it is produced? Is there a reasonable match between price and quality? If an item is expensive but produced in e.g. the east there is no guarantee that the factory worker has received a fair pay or working time, but if the product is very cheap it is definite that the factory worker has not received a fair salary.


Last but not least

Buy what you need, and what gives you pleasure and use what you buy. J


“Good comfort is all about that shoes are comfortable to wear. This will make you use them and maybe even get them worn out. I think most women know the feeling of buying a pair of shoes and only end up wearing them a few times because they are so uncomfortable to wear.”